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The Gluten- Free Diet Caused Me To Gain Weight!

Several readers and followers have reached out to me over the last few weeks asking for tips on going gluten-free.  While I have been successfully gluten-free for years, I cannot suggest that anyone approaches a gluten-free lifestyle the way I did. In fact, I suggest they don't because my initial attempt at the gluten-free diet… Continue reading The Gluten- Free Diet Caused Me To Gain Weight!

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How To Relieve Constipation

What do low carb, Keto, Whole30 and detox program dieters have in common?  They are all posting questions asking how to relieve constipation daily. No one wants to be constipated but the fact that the dieters and detoxers, who are exerting great effort to get healthy and lose weight, are getting constipated instead is just… Continue reading How To Relieve Constipation

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I Detoxed & Lost 5 Pounds in 7 Days!

After writing Why I Stopped Dieting & Started Detoxing! I knew I had to try a detox.  I am so glad I did because, after 16 years of dieting, I finally detoxed & lost 5 pounds in 7 days! While losing five pounds in 7 days is a huge accomplishment for almost anyone, it was somewhat miraculous… Continue reading I Detoxed & Lost 5 Pounds in 7 Days!

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Why I Stopped Dieting & Started Detoxing!

A few months ago, I couldn't have imagined someone asking me why I stopped dieting and started detoxing instead.  As someone who has been dieting for 16 years, I did not take the decision lightly. In the blog, How I Gained Over 100 Pounds, I explained how quickly I gained the weight and I expected to… Continue reading Why I Stopped Dieting & Started Detoxing!

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Whole30 Grocery Shopping Made Easy!

A few months ago, a friend asked me what the hardest part of completing the Whole30 was. I instantly answered: grocery shopping for Whole30 approved products. Although I have completed 3 rounds of the Whole30 and continue to eat Whole30ish, I vividly remember my first few grocery store hauls. I swear I must have read… Continue reading Whole30 Grocery Shopping Made Easy!

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