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My Whole30 Results Are Incredible!

Round one of my Whole30 Round One Experience is complete and the results are incredible!

Non- Scale Victories

Before I even get to my measurement and weight,  I have to share my non-scale victories.  There have been so many over the past month, I almost don’t know where to start and I am probably leaving a few out.  So let’s start with….

Sleeping better and waking up remembering my dreams for the first time in 17 years

Feeling lighter and more comfortable in my body

Gained mental clarity and much better memory

Completely sleighed the sugar dragon – no sugar cravings whatsoever

Less bloat

Clothes fit better – tossed two pairs of pants and one shirt

Kids are eating healthier than they ever have

Flatter stomach

No PMS and much easier menstrual cycle

Practicing mindful eating for the first time in my life

Haven’t experienced acid reflux symptoms


No migraines

Handle stress better

Thoughts are more organized

Eliminated carb cravings

Healthiest I’ve eaten in my entire life

Better workouts and accomplished my personal bests in yoga and at barre class

Quicker recovery from workouts

Compliments abounded from friends and family

Eating Whole30 foods went from being a challenge to a practice, and turned into an easy comfortable habit

And…….this one is huge for me.  Less reliant on the scale.



Inches Lost

I made a big mistake and didn’t measure before starting the Whole30 – ugh. I highly recommend anyone starting the Whole30 to measure before because you will be amazed at how your body composition changes.  Luckily, I realized my chiropractor’s office had measured me right before I started and was able to get the measurements.  I lost 12 inches in one month – the length of a ruler!

Lost 12 Inches
Lost 12 Inches



Would you believe me if I told you I wasn’t even that excited to weigh myself? It might be because I was feeling so great with all of my non- scale victories in tow or because I was so happy to have lost twelve inches, but It just didn’t seem like a big deal.  I lost five pounds.



For a minute I compared myself to other Whole30ers who reported much more weight loss.  Then,  I looked back at myfitnesspal and I could clearly see that I have averaged a weight loss of 4 pounds a month over the past six months of the weight loss clinic’s high protein low carb diet.  Knowing my metabolism runs on the slow side because of all the factors I told you about in How I Gained Over 100 Pounds and My Best Advice To You ,I decided to celebrate the 5 pound weight loss since its 1 pound more than my average and I feel great!

I had a great experience with my Whole30 practice and think it’s something everyone should try at least once.  We have a fantastic Facebook group of Whole30ers who are supporting each other and would love to have you if you are interested.











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