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The Simple Question That Helped Me Maintain My Diet & Weight Loss Efforts During The Holidays!


As the Holiday season approached, I became more and more nervous.  I had been faithfully dieting for months. I was enjoying the Non- Scale Victories, weight loss, and body transformation that come with consistent exercise and eating a clean healthy diet.

Ironically, I scheduled lunch with a friend who sat down and announced she was obsessed with diets and diet products.  I almost giggled since my friend is tall and svelte.  Thankfully, I kept my reaction to myself while my friend went on to explain that she loses the same ten pounds multiple times a year and when she gains it back, she tries the latest and greatest diet or diet product to take the weight off.

I sat speechless. Knowing that my “skinny friend” struggles with my weight loss nightmare was comforting on one hand and terribly alarming on the other.  After all, if someone who most of us would perceive as perfectly fit struggles, is there hope for the rest of us?

I meandered throughout most of the day, brainstorming a silver bullet answer that would help me get through the holiday season without sabotaging my diet.  Mindful eating has never been my strength, so I struggled to find the answer.

Later that day, my husband offered me a muffin and I started to take a bite.  Within a second of it touching my lips, I declared it wasn’t worth it.  Since blueberry muffins have been one of my favorite foods for over forty years, I was surprised by my own reaction.

I quickly realized that my reaction was brilliant and potentially the solution to my holiday dieting dilemma.  What would happen if I asked myself if a food was worth it or not before I ate it?

Diet Motivation
Diet Motivation

Thanksgiving is my very favorite holiday.  I love that my entire family gathers together and there is no pressure around present giving.  In all honesty, I love Thanksgiving food and everything about it (except pumpkin pie).  Thanksgiving would be the ultimate test for my diet saving question.

As I prepared for the big day, I reflected on what “worth it” means to me.  Was eating unhealthy foods worth regaining the inches I had lost, gaining the pounds I had worked so hard to lose, and giving up my endless list of NVS’s?  (improved sleep, periods, mood, immune system, energy, and memory, in addition to,  a migraine and acid reflux free life with brighter eyes, less bloat, a more toned body and glowing skin and the list goes on and on…….)

I breezed through Thanksgiving Day.  I didn’t feel deprived or like I was on a diet.  My favorite foods were put in front of me, but I wasn’t tempted.  I simply made a choice. Once I answered the question, “is it worth it? ”  The answer was “no” every single time.

Ironically, asking myself if it was worth it changed my entire mindset.  I was no longer on a “diet” but “choosing” to eat healthily!

I have continued to ask myself the magical question, “Is it worth it?” over the last several days and all but one time the answer has been, “no”.   Hopefully, I have found the silver bullet that my friends and millions of dieters across the United States have been looking for!

Give it a try this holiday season and let me know how it goes.  You are worth it!

Holiday Cheers!



Diet Motivation
Diet Motivation



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22 thoughts on “The Simple Question That Helped Me Maintain My Diet & Weight Loss Efforts During The Holidays!

  1. I’ am the person who struggling about diet 🙁 I feel you in the same way. it is a person who actually have self control about eating! especially it’s already holiday season month it’s so hard to making diet with a lot of yummy food! SELF CONTROL is the key!

  2. I absolutely love this post because it’s applicable to so many different people. I’m currently on a weight gain journey and I find the “is it worth it?” so helpful as a motivator. I just have to tell myself to think Yes (even though my mind wants to say no to everything).

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