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My Whole30 Practice (Day 27)

I awoke on Day 27 of my Whole30 practice refreshed and recharged. Before I opened my eyes, I remembered putting the shirt I wore yesterday into the to be donated bag.  It was so big, it looked like a maternity top!  Nothing like starting your day with a memory of a Non-Scale Vicory!

Knowing I had a busy day ahead of me, I scurried through my morning routine and thought about weighing myself for a nanosecond. I quickly decided I didn’t have time for the scale and went about my business!  Wow! Was that empowering?  It was kind of like saying you don’t have time for the really cool boy who broke your heart in junior high. Remember that feeling? I’ll be writing this down as a Non-Scale Victory in my journal tonight!

I had my usual for breakfast, Whole30 Chicken Pot Pie Soup.  It was great as always and then I was faced with a conundrum…..I planned on eating a teaspoon of cashew butter for a little healthy fat, but I was absolutely stuffed.  What would you do, eat the cashew butter even though you are stuffed or leave the table without eating a healthy fat and risk getting hungry and needing a snack before lunch?

Whole 30 Chicken Pot Pie Soup
Whole 30 Chicken Pot Pie Soup

I ate the cashew butter and am glad that I did.   I had to attend a long meeting and would have probably eaten my arm off if I hadn’t eaten the cashew butter.

For lunch, I had a take-out greek salad and added extra olives and leftover steak.  It was delish!  I have a confession to make,  I am really struggling with this mindful eating stuff. I tried to make myself sit at the table with no distractions but couldn’t.  Instead, I checked my emails while I ate – ugh.  What do you do to stay in the present moment when you are eating?

Whole30 Lunch
Whole30 Lunch- Steak Salad

By 3:30 I was starving and had one of my favorite Whole30 finds – Performance Nut Butter and 1/2 an apple.

Whole30 Snack- Nut Butter & Apple
Whole30 Snack- Nut Butter & Apple

Drew had football practice at 6:30 and I knew I wouldn’t get home until at least 8. I was starving again.  Why are we so much hungrier some days than others?  I had a DNX bar and it did the trick!

Whole30 Snack- DNX Bar
Whole30 Snack- DNX Bar

Finally around 8:30  we had Whole30 Taco Salad for dinner and it was fantastic!  Please excuse the paper plate.  I was just too tired to do anything more.

Whole30-Taco Salad
Whole30-Taco Salad

After dinner, I grabbed my supplements and a glass of water.  I’m really excited to be starting a new probiotic today!  I know, what kind of nerd am I?  Seriously though, probiotics have really helped me throughout my weight loss journey.  Klaire Labs, a company that makes an approved Whole30 probiotic, just came out with a special metabolic formula and I am excited to try it!  It has high amounts of 4 Lactobacillus and 3 Bifidobacterium species that have documented supportive effects on metabolism and weight management.

So, (probiotic) Cheers!


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