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Could Alcohol Have Been Sabatoging My Weight Loss?

On Day 7 of my second Whole30 round, our friends invited us out for an afternoon of Wisconsin sports game watching.  This doesn't happen very often when you live in South Carolina, so we quickly accepted the invitation.  Embedded in my friend's text was a picture from the last time she was at the suggested… Continue reading Could Alcohol Have Been Sabatoging My Weight Loss?

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Confessions of a Whole30 Dieter

It's day 5 of round two of the Whole30 and it's time I share my confessions of a whole30 dieter with you.  I cheated.  Not on the Whole30, I'm not that kind of dieter.  I cheated on a goal I set for myself yesterday.  Four of my friends are doing amazingly well with intermittent fasting… Continue reading Confessions of a Whole30 Dieter

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What Would Your Perfect Weight Loss Day Look Like?

  “There is no perfect condition so now is the perfect time and today is the perfect day to take action”- Debasish Mridha I awake and step toward the almighty scale. I do have a small accomplishment, I made it through the movies yesterday without eating popcorn and as you know from The Pursuit of… Continue reading One Perfect Day

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