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My Whole30 Practice (Day 27)

I awoke on Day 27 of my Whole30 practice refreshed and recharged. Before I opened my eyes, I remembered putting the shirt I wore yesterday into the to be donated bag.  It was so big, it looked like a maternity top!  Nothing like starting your day with a memory of a Non-Scale Vicory! Knowing I… Continue reading My Whole30 Practice (Day 27)

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Diet · weight loss · Whole30 - Day 0-30

My Whole30 Experience (Day18)

I awoke refreshed, full of energy, and hungry.  I quickly remembered it was Day 18 of the Whole30 and was looking forward to a day filled with Tiger's Blood. Drew woke up late and then announced that he won an award for good behavior and was allowed to take a toy to school for show… Continue reading My Whole30 Experience (Day18)

Sharing is Caring!