The Pursuit of Ketosis – Day 3

 “You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.”  – Zig Ziglar

Today, I awoke to the same wakeup call as yesterday – a very painful Charlie Horse.  Luckily this one passed a little quicker than yesterday’s.  A Google search revealed that it could be because of an electrolyte imbalance or the keto flu.  I have a potential theory on the cause within the cause… my Dietician at the Clinic told me I was allowed to drink up to two Propel waters a day, but when you’ve been eating nothing but protein for days, they taste like Heaven in a bottle, and I may be drinking more than she suggested!  I figure that this may have been the root of the problem.  I will let you know as soon as I am able to test my hypothesis!

Within a couple of minutes after that, I realized that I had an even more uncomfortable side effect… constipation.  At that moment, I remembered that my Dietician had told me to consistently take a supplement called Inner Balance twice a day, but since I had never been constipated a day in my life, I had decided I didn’t need it.  I guess that was a poor decision.  No worries though, after a couple of the Inner Balance pills, an Epson salt bath, and a ton of water, I was back in working order. I put a link to those Inner Balance Pills in Tanya’s Treasures in case you find yourself in a similar predicament!

Another confession of the day- I’ve had a Holistic MD, Acupuncturist, Naturopath, and a Holistic DO tell me that I have a very difficult time detoxing, which seems to be a common problem of people who carry extra weight.  I’ve been told that this makes it more difficult to lose weight. One of the practitioners suggested that I dry brush myself daily, so three minutes of dry brushing is a daily AM ritual for me.  Dry brushing is great for you and helps with the following:

-Stimulate your lymphatic system which is responsible for eliminating cellular waste products


-Reduce Cellulite

-Stress Relief

-Improve Digestion and Kidney Function

-It’s invigorating

Later on in the day, Drew, my 9-year-old Son, and I ventured out for a Mommy and Me day and landed at the movie theater.  I love going to the movies in the Summer.  It reminds me of my childhood! We didn’t have a lot of money when I was a kid and I didn’t personally know anyone with air conditioning, so the movie theater was the perfect Summer treat and a great way to escape the heat.  As I was sitting in my seat, sands popcorn and soda, I began to think of My Buppa, my childhood movie pal and best playmate. While his early senility issues may have been a problem for some, it made him a perfect match for a slightly bossy, overly imaginative, only child. Buppa and I would get dropped off at the theater and tell my Nonnie not to pick us up until we called. We would sneak into multiple movies and often see two – four on any given afternoon.  If we were feeling adventurous, we would pretend we spilled our popcorn or drink and ask the concession worker for another one. However, as I came out of my daydream while I was with Drew, I noticed that I was crying and I wasn’t quite sure why.  I do miss My Buppa, but I know he’s in a better place. I must confess that this made me wonder and question… was it really possible to have that much emotion tied to popcorn? It’s just food, after all… I suppose it is!

Nonetheless, I do have some positive change in symptoms to report as I am writing this blog! I now have my energy back and I am much less hungry. So much less hungry that I forgot to eat lunch! I don’t think I’ve ever forgotten a meal before in my life!

Before I wrap up, I must make one last confession.  This confession was inspired by a cooking fiasco from last night, and since pictures speak louder than words, I’ll leave you with a picture below.  I do not cook.  I don’t even cook a little bit.  I spent my entire singlehood eating protein powder in yogurt twice a day and going out to eat for one meal a day.  I tried to be the perfect bride and cook for the first week of my marriage and noticed my Husband grimacing out of the corner of my eye.  Finally, he said “Do you mind if I take over the cooking?  I really like it and it relaxes me after work”.  I can’t remember my exact response, but it should have been, “I think I’m going to like this marriage.”


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7 thoughts on “The Pursuit of Ketosis – Day 3

  1. Thank you for sharing your trials and successes! After a 20 plus years of friendship you continue to inspire me with your courage and willingness to keep searching and trying. I appreciate the cooking photo as I will not be on a Gordon Ramsay cooking show anytime soon!

  2. Please explain air brushing. Never heard that term. What were you trying to cook. I could not Identify It. Last, but not least GOOD LUCK with your new adventure. Love, Mom Fortino.

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